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Do Steady State Cardio Exercises Work in Fat Loss

The Best Type Of Exercise For Fat Loss

For some time now, so-called experts in fitness have been recommending that you target steady state cardio exercises to benefit your heart and achieve fat loss. They reckon that you should aim for the ‘fat burning zone’ and maintain that level of effort for prolonged periods.

If you have been following this method, your results will no doubt be disappointing you by now. If you use running, or jogging, in your exercise regime, try varying your pace, eg. jog for 10 mins then sprint hard for a couple of minutes, or until you run out of breath, then jog again until you you have recovered and your breathing has settled down. Then repeat, jog then sprint, then jog….

If you enjoy cycling or use exercise bikes, then try doing the same, sprint cycle for a hundred yards followed by a period of recovery, then sprint again.

You can adapt almost any form of exercise to this method. It just involves alternating bursts of high intensity followed by recovery periods of low intensty.

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Man, indeed all mammals, were designed for this form of activity, I know of no other mammal that follows an endurance pattern in a normal day’s routine.

Over the last 10 years, scientific research has indicated a couple of very important things to us about exercising for body fat loss.

First of all, lifting heavier weights while exercising leads to a higher caloric consumption by the body in the period for about 1-2 days following the workout when compared to lifting light weights with high repetitions.

So that’s why 6-8 repetitions per set is better than 12-15 reps per set when it comes to stimulating the metabolism for losing fat permanently. That’s one of the cornerstones of the types of training routines in programs that actually get results.

Intensity for short periods followed by a recovery period is not only the natural way, but you will get better and more sustainable results.

Out hearts were never designed to be used in a steady state way, except when we are at rest. Therefore the interval training method is far better for our hearts than these so-called cardio workouts.

So, do steady state cardio exercises work in fat loss? The benefits are dubious, if you want to maximize your fat loss and fitness gains, then think of interval training first. Your metabolism will continue working for you long after you have left the gym, or finished your exercise routine.

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