Do We Need Food Supplements?

Nutrition and Supplements

When you notice the amount and variety of food supplements that we are subjected to by all the advertising, it is easy to fall for all the hype and get caught up in the messages they are overwhelming us with. But, do we need supplements?

Supplements aren’t alone, diets, surgery, pills and supplements, exercise, which? They are all being targeted at our health conscience, they are making us feel guilty if we do not follow their advice, or more importantly, buy there products.

Are they necessary? That is the real question we have to ask ourselves.

Food supplements haven’t been with us for very long, 50 years ago you might have found things like wheat germ, molasses, perhaps cider vinegar, but not much else. Think of the proliferation of food supplements there are nowadays, and think of how long mankind has survived without them.

Something else happened roughly 50 years ago that may well have something to do with the prevalence of food supplements, a general increase in processed foods which has continued to increase every year since, it is a multi-billion dollar industry today.

The increase in food supplements follows the increase in processed foods with both increasing at an exponential rate with no signs of changing any time soon.

To answer the question posed in the title of this article, “Do We Need Supplements?” The answer is not as straight forward as you might think.

If your diet consists mainly of processed foods then the answer is a resounding yes! The processing leaves little or no nutritional value in the food being processed, look at all the additives listed on the packaging, these food supplements are being added to the processed food in an effort to put back the nutritional value that was lost in the processing, I say effort because not every item lost is even being attempted to be replaced, only the ones they can gain some advertising benefit from.

On the other hand, if your diet consists mainly of natural foods that have undergone little processing, then the answer is no! The nutritional value of food that is unprocessed is so much higher than processed food that we can live very healthy lives without having to resort to any supplements at all. The advent of processed food is not just making the nation obese, it is killing us, slowly but surely, as well. We are becoming a disease ridden nation because the natural vitamins and minerals are being destroyed in the processing of the food.

The processing is also altering the very structure of the fats that we consume on a daily basis, this is linked to high cholesterol. The fact that we need cholesterol is often overlooked, mainly because of the link between high cholesterol and heart disease.

As for food supplents, you’ll have to decide for yourself, only you know your eating choices, which, by the way, are choices, you can change them. For real nutritional advice click here