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Nutrition and Exercise

Health and fitness can, essentially, be broken down into two different subjects, nutrition and exercise. Other than illnesses, accidents and genetic faults, these are the two greatest influences on our health and fitness and they can even help alleviate the effects of the other three.

If we sustain our bodies with the correct healthy nutritional food intake, then the cells in our bodies that are being replaced each day, are replaced with healthy cells. If we deprive our cells of healthy nutrients, the foundation of our entire bodies will suffer, not just our waistlines. Inferior cells will be produced and this will affect every part of us, even our immune system.

Much the same can be said of exercise, if we deprive our bodies of good balanced exercise then

English: KUNSAN AIR BASE, South Korea— Airmen ...
English: KUNSAN AIR BASE, South Korea— Airmen
from the 8th Fighter Wing use cardio equipment
at the fitness center. Cardiovascular exercise
is one way to stay fit and maintain weight
according to health and physical fitness experts.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

our whole bodies suffer, muscle loss and bone density loss will result and more of the nutrition, good or bad, will be laid down as fat reserves instead of directly building cells, muscle, and strengthening bones and joints.

Good healthy nutrition on it’s own is not enough to sustain a healthy body, and neither is exercise on it’s own enough, we need both in combination to have any success at all in health and fitness.

This blog is therefore about both nutrition and exercise, it is intended to highlight the best of both and also to dispel some of the myths that have become prevalent within the health and fitness industry, especially the food and drugs industry. There is so much hype surrounding this industry that is completely misleading and endangering our health.

The food and drugs industry is there to make money, and nothing else. In spite of trying to give the opposite impression, that they have our wellbeing as their top priority, they don’t, it comes down to money, period. Neither the food nor the drugs industry have our interests at heart, it is so bad that if you look closely enough you could almost imagine a huge conspiracy taking place between them both.

Processing food destroys the nutrition contained in the original food, and the additives do little to replace what is lost. If we are getting the correct healthy nutrition in our daily diet then food supplements are totally unnecessary and some of them are downright bad for us.

For hundreds of thousands of years mankind has not only survived but flourished without the so-called help of the food and drugs industry. Bear that in mind when you see all the advertising we are subjected to on a daily basis.